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Ferdinand Porsche Dies Aged 76

Posted: April 6th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: porsche | Tags: , , | Comments Off on Ferdinand Porsche Dies Aged 76

Ferdinand Porsche Dies Aged 76Salzberg, Austria: The designer of the world’s most iconic sportscar – the Porsche 911 – has died aged 76. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche developed the car in 1963 for the company founded by his grandfather. With its sloping roof, long hood and noisy rear-mounted engine, the Porsche 911 still carries distinctly recognisable elements from the first model introduced in 1963. Describing his design philosophy, Mr Porsche once said a product that was coherent in form required no embellishments.

His design career had a slow start, he was dismissed from the Ulm School of Design because of doubts over his talent. Undeterred, Ferdinand Porsche started practical training in the body design department of the family-owned sports car factory in Stuttgart.

“As creator of the Porsche 911, he established a design culture in our company that still leaves its mark on our sports cars,” the head of Porsche’s supervisory board, Matthias Mueller, said in a statement. “A design of the century for which Porsche is envied around the world,” the mass-market Bild newspaper said of the 911 in an obituary for Porsche on its website. True fans of the brand only permit slight changes to the design to this day.”

He also created the Formula One racecar 804 as well as the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS and in the 1970s branched out into Porsche merchandise including lines of wristwatches and sunglasses.

“Design must be functional and this functionality must be applied visually with an aesthetic that is without gags that have to be explained first,” the company quoted him as saying. “Good design should be honest.”

Ferdinand Porsche, who began at the company in 1958 and was still the honorary chairman of the company’s supervisory board when he died, is survived by his wife and three sons.

AUSTRALIA: The Cost of Keeping Auto Makers Local

Posted: January 12th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Auto Maker, Auto News, Ford, General Motors, Grilled, Holden | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on AUSTRALIA: The Cost of Keeping Auto Makers Local

Sales of the Australian made large cars – Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon – have dropped alarmingly in recent years. The Commodore’s 15-year run as Australia’s best-selling vehicle was ended abruptly in 2011 by the Japanese manufactured Mazda3, while Ford Falcon sales plummeted to fewer than 19,000 units in 2011.

AUSTRALIA: The Cost of Keeping Auto Makers Local - Cruze Hatch Production

So Exactly How Much Does it Cost to Keep Auto Makers in Australia? Between $100 and $200 Million!?

Holden says it is getting closer to announcing co-investment from the Federal Government and parent company General Motors as it looks to secure the local manufacturing of the Cruze and Commodore beyond 2018. Ford has announced a fresh $103 million investment for it’s Falcon range of large car and Territory SUV, though the future of the Australian-built vehicles is still guaranteed only until the end of 2016. Read the full article »»»»

Honda RC-E First Electric Sportsbike

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At long last, the world’s largest and arguably most influential motorcycle manufacturer is getting in on the electric motorcycles show. Honda has announced it will be showing an electric supersports motobike concept at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. Fresh on the heels of the , Honda has an electric concept of its own: the Honda RC-E.

Styling draws heavily on the best period of the firm’s hallowed racing past, its lines uninterrupted by the LED projector headlight mounted in the nose intake. If this is a test of public interest in an electric Honda sportsbike, they’re pushing ALL the right buttons. Read the full article »»»»

Banking on Chrysler

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Banks (JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley) that have loaned Chrysler LLC $US6.8 billion are resisting government pressure to swap more than $US5 billion of that debt for stock. The banks’ reluctance is slowing Chrysler’s attempt to cement an alliance with Fiat SpA of Italy by May 1 as well as its attempt to renegotiate a health-care accord with the United Auto Workers union, the newspaper reported on its Web site, citing people familiar with the matter.

The lenders are open to working out a deal on debt restructuring and those discussions are moving forward quickly. Sources said the US Government had suggested a reduction in Chrysler’s debt of as much as $US6 billion. As holders of secured debt, they have the right to take control of Chrysler brands, plants and other assets pledged as collateral if the company files for bankruptcy protection.

On Wednesday, the US Treasury gave Chrysler 30 days to broker concessions to improve its financial position with its debt holders, Fiat or its debt holders or face bankruptcy. All four banks declined comment, as did Cerberus Capital Management which controls 80.1 per cent of Chrysler.

Side Impact Protection

Posted: March 31st, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Auto News | Tags: | Comments Off on Side Impact Protection

The Obama administration is playing hardball with General Motors and Chrysler, threatening to push them into bankruptcy if they don’t come up with more aggressive restructuring plans in a matter of weeks. This hard-line approach, including the ouster of General Motors chief executive G. Richard Wagoner won’t solve a fundamental problem facing Detroit. People just don’t feel like buying new cars. Until buyers return to dealer showrooms, it doesn’t matter how much further GM shrinks, or whether Chrysler strikes a deal with Italy’s Fiat. “No car company is viable at today’s sales volume,” says Jeremy Anwyl, chief executive of, an automotive research firm. Obama acknowledged Monday that Detroit’s problems are due in large part to weakness in the economy, and he pledged to accelerate efforts to prop up auto sales, like speeding up the purchase of government fleet cars and working to free up consumer credit through previously announced initiatives.

Range Rover LXR for 2011

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Update: LXR for 2011 production  “The LRX concept has an abundance of character, but you can tune the appearance to reflect a customer’s own personality and lifestyle. Clever use of colour and subtle additional details enable the vehicle to be tailored to suit an individual’s style, without compromising the clean design of the LRX,” 

Conceived as capable of having a range of powertrains, including a 2.0-litre turbodiesel hybrid, with potential CO2 emissions of 120 g/km and fuel economy of 60 mpg (4.7l/100 km) Demonstrates Land Rover’s commitment to sustainability with new technologies, lightweight design and environmentally-responsible materials.  A bold evolution of Land Rover design, but unmistakably Land Rover.  Read the full article »»»»