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Hoverbike, a Baby Chinook is Born

Posted: June 12th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Aviation News | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments Off on Hoverbike, a Baby Chinook is Born

What do you get when you combine the agility of a motorbike with the lift of a hovercraft – aside from the obvious thrill – Chris Malloy’s Hoverbike, the ultimate all terrain vehicle. Malloy’s Hoverbike is set to take motocross to new hieghts. With a BMW 1170 cc 4-stroke engine delivering 80 kW driving two ducted propellers, the inventor of the Hoverbike, Chris Malloy, reckons with its high thrust to weight ratio, the Hoverbike should be able to reach an estimated height of 10,000 feet and reach an indicated airspeed of 150 knots  –  275 kmh / 170 mph.

Malloy told Grilled “I’ve loved designing aircraft since childhood. The thing that kicked off the design of the hoverbike was a comment my helicopter instructor Chris Townsend made, which was that the Robinson R22 was an airborne motorbike.  I didn’t quite agree, so I set out to build a robust workable flying motorbike to prove my point” Read the full article »»»»