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$17,000 Porsche

Posted: February 7th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: porsche | Tags: , , | Comments Off on $17,000 Porsche

The Poor Man’s Pedal-Powered Porsche

The car-bike is an art project by Hannes Langeder of Austria. It took a year to build, and cost as much as a real car: 13,000 euro, or $17,700. Inside, as you can see from the extensive photos (there are even more on the project’s Flickr page, the main structure is steel. This was then built out using a toy 911 as a model, covering the skeleton in plastic tubing and then skinning the whole thing with packing-tape and gold foil. Thanks to these simple materials, the entire car weighs in under 100 kilos  – 220 pounds. That’s not exactly light for a bike, but you probably wouldn’t want to take the Ferdinand out for a spin on a windy day.

The car debuted in June 2010, at Autopia

The car looks fantastic on the road. Even though there’s a bike inside, it has the presence of a car. I’ll bet the rider gets a lot more respect from car drivers just because he looks like one of them. Even if he is tootling along at just 10 mph.