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Unimog: Happy 60th Birthday

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3rd June 2011, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks – MBS – which includes the product ranges Unimog, presented a unique design concept on the 60th Anniversary of Unimog at it’s Daimler plant in Wörth, Germany. It may look like one of the most outrageous automotive concepts Mercedes has created, but the Unimog 4WD Cabrio Truck concept actually has some basis in history – the very first Mercedes Unimog which rolled off the production line back on June 3, 1951 was also a cabrio, it was also green. Based on the current Unimog U 5000 with its exceptional off-road capabilities, the Unimog Cabrio is apparently designed to bridge current and future Unimog design.

The concept is the work of the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks Unit which produces the Unimog, Econic and Zetros truck ranges. While not exactly a prototype for a future product range, the Cabrio’s press blurb claims “some of its details will turn up in coming product ranges.

“”We have taken the Unimog-DNA with its unique concept features to 100 percent into consideration when creating this design concept,” said Bertrand Janssen from the Daimler department for commercial vehicle design. ” This design concept gives the observer sufficient room for thought to interpret its technical innovations.” The concept vehicle shows that even after 60 years – and 26 product ranges during this period – the Unimog is still able to renew itself. Just as its innovative power has left its mark on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog and driven it forward until the present day, the “Concept Design 60 Years Unimog” has shown impressively that a great deal of innovation is still possible in the engineering of future Unimog generations. This concept vehicle will no doubt surprise everyone who sees it, experts and enthusiasts, users and customers alike. While there are no plans to produce the Unimog study, the German company said the concept corresponds to the future form of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle design.

The other Unimog 60th Anniversary Vehicle was also released on the galaxy in the form of a scale LEGO Technic replica that. “The impressive vehicle which links a combination of electric drive and pneumatics has been produced… as a true adaptation of the original down to the smallest details… The so-called ” Power Functions ” run the pump of a pneumatically operated crane with a gripper arm that can rotate almost 360 degrees. With its gripper and the front winch, the Unimog can move any load out of the way.” It is a completely serviceable vehicle.” The Lego Technica Unimog is an officially licensed MB product, oh it’s also sold out!



No less exciting is the Brabus ’60th anniversary Unimog’ this U500 Brabus sticking to the trucks classic lines has produced one good looking ultra utilitarian truck, The B500 comes in black, black or you guessed it black. To honor this milestone, the – Mercedes Benz – Unimog will host a special anniversary party on June 4. Fans, club members, owners of classic vehicles, drivers and owners of current models are all invited to the event, which will be hosted at the Wörth plant in Germany where the Unimog is built today.

The anniversary celebration will feature many attractions including a large exhibition of historical Unimog vehicles, special demonstrations on the off-road course, an “Old against New” show, and an opportunity to tour the plant. There will also be a Unimog rally, in which 60 vehicles will be driven from the previous production location in Gaggenau via the Unimog Museum to the current production site in Wörth. On June 5, the celebrations will continue at the museum, where demonstrations with Unimog vehicles will take place, as well as specialist presentations and book-signings by famous authors of books on the Unimog. The name “Unimog” is short for “Universal-Motor-Gerät”, which stands for “universal motor unit” in German. Over the years, Mercedes’ hardcore truck has been used in a variety of tasks ranging from agriculture, construction, utilitarian work, military, security, expeditions and more. Since 1951, the Unimog has been produced in more than 300,000 units.


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