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Marko Lukovic Wins Michelin Design Challenge

Posted: April 26th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Green Motoring | Tags: , , | Comments Off on Marko Lukovic Wins Michelin Design Challenge

Serbian designer Marko Lukovic and his team have won the annual Michelin Challenge Design™ with a vehicle named Supersonic. Lukovic describes the vehicle as “SUPERSONIC is the car that satisfies all needs of the vehicle of the tomorrow which will be driven through and beyond huge urban towns of 21st century all over The World


This three wheel based, rocket shaped vehicle is driven by electric motors to each of the – two – rear wheels.  Supersonc uses newly-developed light extra-durable electric batteries – an advanced lithium-ion battery – which offers  about 200 km of driving at higher highway speeds, around 300 km at lower speeds.

The new innovation is that those three super-batteries are placed at the rear part of the vehicle. The battery pack is removable, allowing the driver batteries to recharge them any place there’s a plug. Just for a change, the battery pack is a wizbang design and sit stylishly on the rear end of the vehicle.

Supersonic is paneled in aluminum and composite materials, an inner safety cage is constructed in heavier metal construction. The cockpit is kitted with an array of gadgets including GPS navigation via satellite to CTSC – City Traffic & Security Center – which assists and suggests crucial activities geo-specifically. Auto Pilot is also a standard feature.

For best possible visibility as well as passenger comfort, the surround roof is made of photosensitive glass which can be instantly darkened via smart liquid crystal glass. Steering is Drive-By-Wire system, there are no mechanical linkages for the steering and brakes, the transmission is automatic.

These technologies allow for a massive space in the cabin, as well as a vehicle that requires much less maintenance.

Access to the cockpit is gained via a lifting canopy, hinged at the front. Supersonic is indeed a thought filled look at the future of motoring, will it takeoff and be the shape of things to come? perhaps in a sci fi filled future, our guess it the look will be a little mo subtle, who knows?

Marko Lukovic – Marko Design – industrial designer and professor – and his team of specialists and experts have been successfully engaged in various fields of design such as: Industrial & Transportation design, Graphic & Packaging design, 3D modeling & Visualization, Rapid & CNC tooling. Over 10 years of experience and work for the top industry.

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